This is a story of two fine cowgirls who lived near each other in a stunning valley in Taos, New Mexico.

We both had little cowbabies on our hips and graphic design on our minds. We got our start with an art book for Taos artist, Jim Wagner and it was our first time using a computer to design. We plowed our way through early stages of design software and 9 months later produced the beautiful art book and began Cowgirls Design.

We were riding our horses one day and were playing around with names for our business when one of us shouted, “Cowgirls!”

I left the business in 1996 and went on to run other businesses in Taos and to work in broadcasting, but Melody stayed on with Cowgirls, designing top-notch brands and designs for Taos and across the nation. We remained friends through the years and at lunch this September I asked Melody if she knew of any jobs I might be interested in. “Come back and be a cowgirl again,” she exclaimed with delight.

So there it is. Twenty-two years later I am back at Cowgirls Design, this time as Wrangler, Account Rep. I am beyond thrilled. Design was my first career and my true love. After all that time away, I am working hard to catch up with the technology and I’ve found that my sense of design never left. I absolutely love being on the team and in the saddle again!

I will be seeing you soon as we ride the trail together!