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Melody is an innovator, a creator, and an eclectic lover of truth. She is a talented designer, a skilled business marketing expert, a writer, a mentor… a natural cowgirl… in the saddle and at heart. She is alive and fierce in her commitment to make a difference with her life and work. A long-time resident of Taos, Melody owns Cowgirls Design. In a couple of months, Cowgirls Design celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

Besides working for Cowgirls and its many clients, Melody branded a couple of her own businesses through the years, including a board game for women, encouraging tall truth telling; and Wild Awake organic body products designed to awaken our original creative life-force, our Shakti energy.

A long-time and favorite design project of Cowgirls Design is a Tibetan Buddhist magazine, Mandala. It affords a “spiritual” dimension to her design work. She loves having current pictures of the Dalai Lama just “show up” in her personal email!

In another identity, Melody is a consciousness coach and spiritual mentor. She presents public talks on the subject of “ordinary spirituality.” Ordinary spirituality just means being “awake” and on the trail of truth, living life in a Good, True and Beautiful way.

Speaking of the truth, Melody gets her inspiration while riding horseback up the winding trails to the high mountain meadows near Taos. There is something about being in collaboration with those great beasts that frees the spirit and opens your world to all things possible.

“We don’t ride side saddle ‘round here!”


Karen co-founded Cowgirls Design in 1993, and worked with Melody on their first project, the Jim Wagner Taos book, still a popular artbook read around Taos. She worked for several years at Cowgirls, then left to own and run several other Taos businesses, also working in broadcasting as a sales executive and copywriter. She also raised her own little cowpeople kids. Oh, and by the way, they are grown up now… and have become organic activists… contributing to the evolution of humanity.

Now Karen has returned to Cowgirls Design, this time as Sales and Marketing Account Rep. Her background is well suited for this expertise. She works closely with her clients and values their input. She recognizes that creating great work involves more listening than talking.

Karen graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in Journalism. Her first job out of college was at a large advertising agency as a graphic designer.

Karen doesn’t ride horses much anymore but still calls herself a cowgirl. Twenty-eight years in Taos will do that to you! She still knows how to lasso them in!